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Released Version 1.1.0 as freeware.
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ClipClipper is a clipboard assistant application. ClipClipper save copied text from clipboard automatically, and keep it. You may reuse these text by one click on the list, and you can paste it. ClipClipeer help your PC Life, Writing sentences, Programing, and more...
You can select multi texts on the list, selected texts are combined with carriage return, you can paste it.
edit text, and add new text, delete text , and clear the list.
protect text and apply another caption.
Protect[P#] : protect text from [delete] and [clear]
Rename[N@]: apply another caption to the text, and protect it, too.
ClipClipper can manage the text group that you create.
The icon can be put on the task tray. Task tray menu (right click) have the list of the latest ten copy texts. You can reuse by Select (Click).
ClipClipper can preserved 10,000 texts a group. but I recommend under 2,000 texts a group
ClipClipper's Help is online help.

OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Readme ReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeadMe!!!!
Help How to use a ClipClipper
Licence ClipClipper is a freeware.
Download You can download ClipClipper from Get it from CNET!
Download ClipClipper Version 1.0.0 received the award.
Install Double-Click the archived file (Setup_ClipClipper***.msi).
Windows Installer start.
How to Upgrade Uninstall previous version.
Double-Click the archived file (Setup_ClipClipper***.msi).
Windows Installer start. install to the same folder.
Uninstall Exit running ClipClipper.
-- Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > ClipClipper > Remove --
Click the 'Start' button on the Windows Operating System and select 'Control Panel' from the Start menu. Select 'Add or Remove Programs'. Select 'ClipClipper' from the 'Add or Remove Programs'. and then click the 'Remove' button. Follow the instructions in the 'ClipClipper Uninstall'.
Version 1.00 (3.Mar.2007) : This is first version.
Version 1.1.0 (27.Feb.2008) : Fixed some bugs.
Supported Windows Vista.
Released version 1.1.0 as freeware.
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