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ClipClipper is a clipboard assistant application. ClipClipper save copied text from clipboard automatically, and keep it. You may reuse these text by one click on the list, and you can paste it. ClipClipper help your PC Life, Writing sentences, Programing, and more...


Unzip the archived file ( into any unique local folder.

What's in this zip file?
- Setup_ClipClipper110.msi :: Installer
- This readme.html file.

Double-Click the Installer file (Setup_ClipClipper110.msi).
Windows Installer start.

How to uninstall ClipClipper...
  1. Exit running ClipClipper. ( from 'Exit' of the Menu).
  2. Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > ClipClipper > Remove
    Click the 'Start' button on the Windows Operating System and select 'Control Panel' from the Start menu. Select 'Add or Remove Programs'. Select 'ClipClipper' from the 'Add or Remove Programs'. and then click the 'Remove' button. Follow the instructions in the 'ClipClipper Uninstall'.


Main Window
>Window Resizing and Moving are enabled.
>Always on Top "Checked" is not hidden by other open windows.
>Automatically ClipClipper get clipboard text automatically.
>Menu Show menu list.
>Counter It is the number of the texts of the list. It will become red when it over 1000.
>Select Group Select Group. All space is a Default group. There is "Make a new group" at bottom of List.
"Make a new group": You can create a new group.
>Text List Clicked text is back to clipboard. you may paste it. Multiple selection is enabled. Selected texts are combined as new line.
>Protect:[ P # ] protect text from [delete] and [clear].
Click botton [ P # ], Selected texts are protected. Protected texts have "#" on top.
Cancel protection. : Select Protected texts and click botton [ P # ].
>Abother Caption:[ N @ ] apply another caption to the text, and protect it, too. Multiple Selection is not enabled.
Another caption text are protected as same as protected text. Another caption texts have "@" on top.
>[ Edit ] Edit a selected text. Multiple Selection is not enabled.
>[ Add ] Add new text.
>[ Delete ] Delete Selected texts except procted text[P#] and Another caption[N@].
>[ Clear ] Clear the List except procted text[P#] and Another caption[N@].
> [Move up], [Move Down] Move up and down Selected texts. Multiple Selection is enabled.
>[ X ] q X q on Right Top of Window. Close window. When icon is not added into the tasktray, Exit Application. When Added into Tasktray, Hide Window. not exit application. You may exit Application from Exit of Menu List.

>Group Show sub menu of Group.
>Setup >Show or not show a Confirming Message Dialog, [Delete],[Clear],[Clear of Tasktray list]
>Add the icon to the Tasktray.
>Startup Window, Minimized or not, and Select Group.
>Font of the List You can change a Font of the List.
>Online Help Open IE and Show this page.
>Readme.txt Open IE and Show readme.html
>About ClipClipper Shw version Information of ClipClipper.
>Exit Exit ClipClipper.

>Name Rename current group except Default group.
>Copy and Move, between group Copy selected text to another group, Move selected text to another group. From left group to right group, From right group to left group. If left group and right group are same, can not copy or move.
>Order of Group list Change order of group list except Default group. Default group is always on top.
>Delete Delete current group. can not delete Default group.

Task Tray Show menu of Task Tray by right click on icon of Task Tray.
>Open Show ClipClipper. Clicking icon on task tray show ClipClipper, too.
>Exit Exit ClipClipper.
>Clear the list below Clear text list on menu of task tray.
>text list Show newest 10 texes on the task tray list. You may click it and you can paste it. You can select by Number,too.

Supported OS:
Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows Vista

ClipClipper is a Freeware.

License Agreement

CilpClipper, its executable and documentation, is the copyrighted property of Masuo Yoshida(Currach Software). It is licensed, not given, for your personal use.


Please ask a written consent of the author before distributing this software in any manner. You may not modify CilpClipper in any way nor may you reverse assemble, reverse compile, or otherwise translate or reverse engineer its executable codes or datas.

We have made our best effort to create a high quality product. Currach Software, resellers or individuals are not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the use or installation of the software.
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Thanks to...
Special thanks to...
Ken Kinoshita : Testing
Version 1.00 (3.Mar.2007) : This is first version.
Version 1.1.0 (27.Feb.2008) : Fixed some bugs.
Supported Windows Vista.
Released version 1.1.0 as freeware.