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>How to copy IE Favorites to ie7Launcher bookshelf
>How to add the ie7 contents to ie7Launcher bookshelf
>Open in ie7 Group

>Window Resizing and Moving are enabled.
>[ X ] on Right Top of Window. When icon is not added into the tasktray, it is Exit Application.
When icon is added into Tasktray, it is Hide Window. it's not Exit application. You can exit Application from 'Exit' of the Menu List
>Always on Top "Checked" is not hidden by other open windows.
>Task Tray "Checked" : Add the icon to TaskTray.
>Menu Show the Menu list.
>>Menu/Quick Start Guidance
>>Menu/Online Help
>>Menu/Readme Show This HTML
>>Menu/About ie7Launcher
>>Menu/Exit Exit ie7Launcher
>Tools Button Tools List, Show or Hide
>Group Button [G] new Manage Bookmark group.(Additon to version 1.2.0)
>IE Favorites Button IE Favorites, Show or Hide

>Open the Current Tab page
>> In New Tab
>> In New ie7
>Close ie7s
>> All ie7s Close All opened ie7s
>> Current ie7
>> Except the Current ie7
>Resize the current ie7
>> Width 750, 850, 950, 1050, 1150 pixels, and Maximum
>> Height 50, 90, 95, 97.5 %, and Maximum
>Get the current page data
>> Title into Clipboard
>> URL into Clipboard
>> Icon Image into Clipboard bitmap image
>Replace Tab Title Automatically Additon to version 1.1.0

ie7Launcher Bookshelf
>Move Drag and Drop.
>Right Mouse Click Show the Popup Menu
>> Open Open URL in the current tab page.
>> Open in New Tab Open URL in New Tab. When a folder is clicked, Open its URLs as Tab Group.
>> Open in New ie7 Open URL in New ie7.
>> Open in ie7 Group Open ie7 Group. Ffolder is a ie7 Window.
>> Add Add New Folder, ie7 Group, the current ie7 Window, URL of the current tab.
>> Move Show Move Dialog. Select the place you want to move, and then click position button.
>> Location and Size Set Location and Size of the current ie7 window as This Location and size.
>> Rename
>> Color Color the Name of Folder and URL
>> Exchange URL Exchange this URL for the current Tab page URL
>> Delete
>> Memo. memorandum
>> Properties properties

IE Favorites
>Copy to ie7Launcher Drag and Drop. To copy 'Internet Explorer' is to copy its all contents.
>Right Mouse Click Show the Popup Menu
>> Open
>> Open in New Tab
>> Open in New ie7
>> Open in IE7 Group
>> Copy to ie7Launcher Show Move Dialog. Select the place you want to copy, and then click position button.
>> Close IE Favorites

Task Tray Show menu of Task Tray by right click on icon of Task Tray.
>Open Show ie7Launcher. Clicking icon on task tray show ie7Launcher, too.
>Exit Exit ie7Launcher

NOTE: Sometimes it happen to minimize and restore ie7 window. This is to get which the current tab page is. it's all right.

How to copy IE favorites to ie7Launcher bookshelf
the first time 2 ways to copy After Copied
1. Drag and Drop

Select 'Internet Explorer' and then
Drag and Drop into ie7Launcher area.
You can copy each folder and each URL, too.
2. from Popup menu

Right mouse click on 'Internet Explorer'
and then Click 'Copy to ...'
Show Copy Dialog

Click 'IN'

How to add to ie7Launcher bookshelf
in case of Click 'Next'

Open in ie7 Group
open in ie7s with their Location and Size

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