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version 1.1.0 Addition to Tools. 'Replace Tab Title Automatically'

>How to copy IE Favorites to ie7Launcher bookshelf
>How to add the ie7 contents to ie7Launcher bookshelf
>Open in ie7 Group
>Color the Name of Folder and URL

How to copy IE favorites to ie7Launcher bookshelf
the first time 2 ways to copy After Copied
1. Drag and Drop

Select 'Internet Explorer' and then
Drag and Drop into ie7Launcher area.
You can copy each folder and each URL, too.
2. from Popup menu

Right mouse click on 'Internet Explorer'
and then Click 'Copy to ...'
Show Copy Dialog

Click 'IN'

How to add to ie7Launcher bookshelf
in case of Click 'Next'

Open in ie7 Group
open in ie7s with their Location and Size

Tools (version1.0.0)

Color the Name of Folder and URL

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