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ie7Launcher update

version 1.2.0 Released. This adds "Manage Bookmark group" new function.
version 1.1.0 Released. This adds "Replace Tab Title Automatically" tool.

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ie7Launcher is the like of IE7 Favorites outside IE7 with extensions.

[some functions that are not in IE7 Favorites]
> Open in New IE7, Open in some IE7s.
> Open in IE7s with their each location and size.
> Add the current Tab page URL to the place you want. Add ie7( with its Tabs). Add some ie7s.
> Color the Name of Folder and URL
> Folder and URL have a each memorandum
> Manage Bookmark group.(Addition to version 1.2.0) : You can have some Favorites list. For business, for hobby, and for shopping ...

[some tools]
> Open the current tab page in New Tab, Open the current tab page in New ie7
> Close all ie7s, Close the current ie7, Close ie7s except the current ie7
> Get the current Tab page data(Title, URL, Icon image) into clipboard.
> Replace Tab Title Automatically (Addition to version 1.1.0)

and more...

My favorite extension is that I can place it on right side in a display.

OS Windows XP/Vista
Requirement Windows Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Readme ReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeadMe!!!!
Quick Start Guidance
Help Maybe I think you can use ie7Launcher without this Help....
Licence ie7Launcher is a shareware.
Free to try, $12.00 to buy
. Limitations 21-day trial.

Site of
You can download ie7Launcher from Get it from CNET!
Install Double-Click the archived file (Setup_ie7Launcher***.msi).
Windows Installer start.
How to Upgrade Uninstall previous version.
Double-Click the archived file (Setup_ie7Launcher***.msi).
Windows Installer start. install to the same folder.

Exit running ie7Launcher. ( from 'Exit' of the Menu).
-- Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > ie7Launcher > Remove --
Click the 'Start' button on the Windows Operating System and select 'Control Panel' from the Start menu. Select 'Add or Remove Programs'. Select 'ie7Launcher' from the 'Add or Remove Programs'. and then click the 'Remove' button. Follow the instructions in the 'ie7Launcher Uninstall'.

Version 1.0.0 (11.Apr.2007) : This is first version.
Version 1.1.0 (18.Apr.2007) : Additon to Tools. "Replace Tab Title Automatically"
Version 1.2.0 (12.Jan.2008) : Fixed some bugs. Supported Windows Vista.
Adds new function "Manage Bookmark group".

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