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Main Window
Add Show Add Dialog. "URL" and "Find what" are filled in automatically from the current tab page of the current IE7.
Modify Modifty a selected item.
Remove Delete a selected item from the List
Remove All Clear the List. Delete all items in the List.
Move up Move up selected item. It is replaced from an upper item.
Move down Move down selected item.
OK save new settings and exit.
Cancel cancel new settings after 'Apply' and exit.
Apply save new settings and apply them to IE7s.

Add/Modify Dialog
Target URL string
Find what
Replace with
Suffix Only when replacement is done, the suffix is added.

NOTE1: Sometimes it happen to minimize and restore ie7 window. This is to get which the current tab page is. it's all right.
NOTE2: When you remove a setting "replace undefined title page with new title", new title remains in Browsing history. If you want to remove it completely, you have to remove Browsing history.
'Tools' > "Internet Options" > 'Delete...' of Browsing history > "Delete history..."

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