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ie7ReplaceTabTitle update

Released Version 1.1.0 as freeware.

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ie7ReplaceTabTitle is an add-on for IE7 that replace Tab Title automatically.

For Example:
ie7ReplaceTabTitle can replace a long name "Microsoft ZZZ" with a short name "MS ZZZ".
ie7ReplaceTabTitle can replace "ABC - zzz" with "zzz" or "zzz - ABC".
When there are many tabs, "[ABC - xxx][ABC - yyy][ABC - zzz]..." often look "[ABC][ABC][ABC]...". ie7ReplaceTabTitle can replace them with "[xxx][yyy][zzz]..." or "[xxx - ABC][yyy - ABC][zzz - ABC]...".

ie7ReplaceTabTitle consists of BHO(Browser Helper Objects ) and the setting application.
BHO('ie7ReplaceTabTitleBHO') run with IE7.
The setting application('ie7ReplaceTabTitle') starts from a program menu or a short cut icon of a desktop.

NOTE: Our products ie7Launcher includes a same function. That is one of its tools. ie7Launcher works this function by another way. The difference is: It works only while ie7Launcher is running.
So you can select ie7Launcher instead of ie7ReplaceTabTitle.


OS Windows XP/Vista
Requirement Windows Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
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Licence ie7ReplaceTabTitle is a freeware.
No Limitations.

Site of
You can download ie7ReplaceTabTitle from Get it from CNET!
Download ie7ReplaceTabTitle Version1.0.0 received the award.
Install Double-Click the archived file (Setup_ie7ReplaceTabTitle***.msi).
Windows Installer start.
How to Upgrade Uninstall previous version.
Double-Click the archived file (Setup_ie7ReplaceTabTitle***.msi).
Windows Installer start. install to the same folder.

Exit running ie7ReplaceTabTitle.
-- Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > ie7ReplaceTabTitle > Remove --
Click the 'Start' button on the Windows Operating System and select 'Control Panel' from the Start menu. Select 'Add or Remove Programs'. Select 'ie7ReplaceTabTitle' from the 'Add or Remove Programs'. and then click the 'Remove' button. Follow the instructions in the 'ie7ReplaceTabTitle Uninstall'.

Version 1.0.0 (30.Apr.2007) : This is first version.
Version 1.1.0 (3.Feb.2008) : Fixed some bugs.
Supported Windows Vista.
Released version 1.1.0 as freeware.

(C) Copyright 2007-2008 Currach Software. All rights reserved.