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My Wave Maximizer

My Wave Maximizer can create a Big Sound wave file like a current CD Sound from your wave file. My Wave Maximizer amplify a sound after compressing the upper area in order to reduce clipping noise and keep sound quality. But finally confirm sound with your ear. It's possible to create a smaller sound, too.
My Wave Maximizer supports 16bit wave file only.

- Before you convert your wave file to mp3 file or other format music file, you can get bigger sound wave file.
- My Wave Maximizer can revivify a sound of old CD, analog record, cassette tape.
- My Wave Maximizer helps with the making of demo tape(cdr, mp3...) of an amateur musician.

Web Site of My Wave Maximizer

Supporting OS
Windows 2000, XP

Double-Click the archived file (MyWaveMaximizer130.msi).
Windows Installer start.

How to uninstall My Wave Maximizer...
  1. Exit running My Wave Maximizer.
  2. Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > My Wave Maximizer > Remove
    Click the 'Start' button on the Windows Operating System and select 'Control Panel' from the Start menu. Select 'Add or Remove Programs'. Select 'My Wave Maximizer' from the 'Add or Remove Programs'. and then click the 'Remove' button. Follow the instructions in the 'My Wave Maximizer Uninstall'.


Main Window
>[ Wave files] Add Wave file(s) to the List.
>[ Remove ] Remove a selected wave file from the List
>[ Clear ] Clear the List. (Remove all wave files from the List)
>[ Open ] Open MWM file. MWM file is a saved previous settings.
>[ Save ] Save this Settings to MWM file.
>[ Guide ] Show the guidance. You can set the value while seeing it
>[ Readme ] Show this html.
>Check box in the List Checked : Create their new wave files.
>Check box : all wave files Settings of the all wave files in the List.
> peak (0 to -64) Set the maximum of wave sample value of the New wave file. This counter is from 0 to -64. It decrease 12 of wave sample value per -1. A sample value of 16bit wave file is -32768 to +32767. There is an absolute value of this on the right side. You can set the maximum value from 32048 to 32768.
> up-level (20% to 300%) Set the ratio you want to amplify. Because there is compression, a real sound is a little lower than setting. Refer to "Ave.UP" for an actual ratio.
Right side string are [ top of compression area (absolute value) : Compressibility].
> comp.-bottom set a bottom of compression area. The counter value is percent of wave sample value(0 to 32768).
Right side string are [ bottom of compression area (absolute value) : A ratio of the sample number of a compression object].
> comp.-type type of compression. 'A' is Straight compression, 'B' is Curve compression.
New file name Create new file in the same folder of its old wave file.
> Prefix or Suffix Either one is required at least.
'Player' Wave player. You can listen and compare old wave with new wave. Finally check sound with your ear.
It's possible to change values while a sound is playing. But it is effected a few seconds later.
'Density' You can see the sound density and compare old wave with new wave.
'Wave' You can see the wave form and compare old wave with new wave.
'Start' Start to create new files.
'Exit' Exit My Wave Maximizer.


My Wave Maximizer is a shareware.
Free to try, $10.00 to buy. Limitations 10-day trial.


Please ask a written consent of the author before distributing this software in any manner. You may not modify 'My Wave Maximizer' in any way nor may you reverse assemble, reverse compile, or otherwise translate or reverse engineer its executable codes or datas.

License Agreement

iMy Wave Maximizer, its executable and documentation, is the copyrighted property of Masuo Yoshida(Currach Software).

We have made our best effort to create a high quality product. Currach Software, resellers or individuals are not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the use or installation of the software.
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Version 1.0.0 (26.Mar.2000) : This is the first version.
Version 1.3.0 (4.May.2007) : This is the first English version.